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DCP00867A roof is important to any shelter or permanent structure, but commercial roofs can be especially complex. C&H Roofing is very experienced in installing complicated commercial roofing systems. We understand that while maintaining or replacing a worn out roof is crucial, we also know how important it is to allow your business to run smoothly, without roofers getting in the way. At C&H Roofing, our crews will do their best to keep out of your daily operations.


Four Options for a Quality Roof

We offer 4 different solutions when it comes to making sure your roof can do its job of protecting your property:

Maintain: Since leaks and insufficient roof protection can damage both your goods and equipment, maintaining your roof is an affordable and recommended roofing option. While you will need to periodically pay for upkeep, you can potentially save thousands of dollars in repairs.

Repair: Part of proper roof maintenance is facilitating repairs as needed. If your roof needs only small fixes, repairing is the best option. This goes hand-in-hand with maintenance.

Restore: Even a well-kept roof will eventually need to be either restored or replaced. If at all possible, depending on its current condition, restoring your current roof can extend its life and cost less than a replacement.

Replace: If your current roof has been neglected or has reached the end of its natural usefulness, you will need to replace it. This is a large investment, but it also has the largest returns as you will have a brand new roof that can provide years of protection.


Pitched Versus Flat Roofs

There are two main commercial roofing styles: steep slope, pitched roofs and low slope, flat roofs. Just as with residential roofing systems, pitched commercial roofs are protected by roof tile, composite shingles or metal. Flat roofs are often much more complex as they feature vents, AC units, piping, etc. 



Low Sloped/Flat Roofing Systems 

Builtup Roofing Systems: A low slope roof system used in both Residential and Commercial Construction. It typically consists of a fiberglass base sheet followed by layers of fiberglass ply sheet adhered with hot asphalt or cold applied adhesives. The top surface can be a granular surfaced cap sheet or roofing gravel embedded in hot asphalt. A very dependable, and affordable, roof system when properly maintained.

Modified Roofing Membranes: Similar to the Builtup Roof System, however, the fiberglass ply sheets and cap sheet are replaced with a single layer of Modified Bitumen Roofing Membrane typically reinforced with Polyester or Fiberglass. This membrane comes in several different types and can be applied with hot asphalt (SBS), heat applied (APP) or self adhering (SA). This roof system is most often used when dealing with smaller roof decks or where access to the roof areas is limited.

Single Ply Roofing Systems: Single Ply roof systems are most often installed on larger commercial projects. There are many different product types but the most common ones are PVC, TPO & EPDM. They can be mechanically attached, fully adhered or ballasted. Their ease of installation and low cost of repairs/maintenance make them the choice of most commercial architects.

Foam Roofing Systems: Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is a low slope roof system used in both Residential and Commercial Construction. It typically consists of closed cell sprayed polyurethane foam and a top protective layer of elastomeric coating. This system is effective on roof decks with poor drainage. Drawbacks to a foam roof are that they require periodic recoating and are susceptible to impact damage from hail. 


Steep Sloped Roofing Systems

Concrete & Clay Roof Tile: By far the most popular roof systems in the southwest. The roof tile is installed over a waterproofing membrane, traditionally an asphalt felt, and metal flashings. Although a tile roof initial installation is generally more expensive than other roofs, they are considered to be more cost effective over the long term due to lower maintenance and longer life expectancy.

Asphalt Shingles: Improvements in the composition of asphalt shingles over the last 20 years has made singles a practical alternative to tile roofs for homeowners on a budget. With a wide variety of designs, weights and colors shingles offer an attractive roof system to complement any house style.

Cedar Shakes & Shingles: Although once popular in this area, wood shakes and shingles are not as common as they were 20 years ago. The high cost of materials and labor puts this type of roof at the high end. Wood Shakes & Shingles do not last long in our hot desert sun and require frequent treatment to help extend the live of the product.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing: Standing seam metal roofs come in a wide variety of gauges, profile sand colors. At the low end are the 'Light Gauge' metals ranging up to the top of the line 22ga metals. Metal roof systems are more expensive than the other types listed above. However, with today's improved Kynar finishes, a properly installed metal roof system will outlast all others.


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