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Increased Energy Costs

Have you noticed your monthly utility costs are going up steadily? If so, and you haven’t changed the amount of power you are consuming, then the roof may be to blame. In most cases, the tiles and roof itself help to prevent outside cold or hot air from seeping into your home. If the roof is compromised, then outside air is going to seep into the home, which forces the air conditioner and heater to work harder to try and maintain a comfortable temperature.

Signs Slate Roof Repair is Needed

It is essential to have any damage to a slate roof repaired during the spring. Storms often sweep through Phoenix and surrounding areas in the spring and summer, so your roof needs to be damage-free. If your roof is weakened because of damage, it may quickly create a roofing emergency. The good news is, you don’t have to guess that you need slate roof repair. There are some tell-tale signs to let your know.

Missing Tiles

If a homeowner notices slate tiles are missing from the roof, it is essential they call for repairs. The damage may have been caused by a recent storm; however, regardless of the cause, this is an issue that should be addressed and repaired quickly.

Cracked Tile

If you can see the tile on your roof is cracked from your driveway, then you have a problem. Even an extremely small crack on a tile roof is an indication that the entire structure has been compromised. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to locate the start of a crack unless you are searching for it. The best way to ensure cracks are found before it causes a larger, and more expensive issue, is to call a professional for yearly inspections. Roofers can identify any possible areas of vulnerability and make the necessary repairs before additional damage appears. 


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C&H Roofing installs many roofing products to ensure the beauty of your home is unmatched and weather-tight. We build all jobs to a strict set of codes far exceeding the local city code requirements which will ensure a worry free roof for years to come.

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